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Our mission is to assist in the prevention of sexual harm, including abuse, harassment, exploitation, and extortion by providing education, information, and training regarding Risk Management, Healthy Coping, and Technology Safety to individuals, organizations, and communities.

Our Services


Our team provides education and seminars on topics such as Online Reputation, Testifying In Court, Creative Therapies, Technology Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Mindfulness, Self-Care, Internet Safety and many others.


Our team provides consultation on areas related to Program Development, Risk Assessment, Testifying, Technology Monitoring, and Digital Forensic Investigation.

Curriculum Development

This is one of our team’s favorite types of projects. We can assist you in developing material for a variety of psychoeducation groups and have previously created groups on topics such as Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Sexuality, Decision Making, Mindfulness, Empathy, Technology Safety Planning and Health Communication. We will design workbook and instructor’s manual for your group and are happy to include creative techniques such as art, music, and cinema therapy within the material to suit the needs of your staff and clients.

Risk Assessment

Our team has experience conducting risk assessments related to sexual violence recidivism and have experience testifying as an expert witness on multiple occasions within the State of MIssouri.

Digital Forensics Investigations

Our team conducts digital forensic investigations on devices including smartphones, laptops,game systems, tablets, smart TVs, flash drives etc., and can provide testimony in court regarding evidence discovered on your devices that may be significant to an individual's progress in treatment or recidivism risk.

Cybersecurity & Technology Monitoring

Our Team can assist your organization with creating an ongoing Technology Monitoring Program to monitor digital devices accessed by your clients (e.g. smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, flash drives etc.) to decrease improve community safety. Technology Monitoring allows your clients to access the internet with the safety net of having a monitoring team to track their activity and decrease the likelihood that they will engage in unsafe or unhealthy behaviors while using digital media.

Meet the Center Hope Solutions Team

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Nena L. Kircher, Psy.D., L.P.

Licensed Psychologist, Co-Owner

Dr. Kircher is an expert in risk assessment and treatment of individuals who have a history of engaging in sexually harmful behavior, providing a variety of services including risk assessment evaluations, therapy, and program and curriculum development. She has previously worked as an SVP evaluator for the MO Department of Corrections, within the Missouri Department of Mental Health, in community mental health, and in private practice. Dr. Kircher is trained in EMDR and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

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Daeton DeGrant, M.S., M.A., L.P.C.

Digital Forensics Expert, Licensed Professional Counselor, Co-Owner

Daeton has spent the past five and a half years working with individuals who have committed sexual harm as an LPC and then as the Digital Monitor Coordinator. He has a Master’s of Science in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigations and a Master in Arts in Professional Counseling and more than 3 years of experiences monitoring,  investigating various electronic devices, and occasionally testifying in court to these findings. He has additional expertise in working with developmentally delayed patients in the community and with patients with severe behavioral dysregulation. Mr. DeGrant is also hypnotherapy and Mindfulness trained.

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Tyler L. Jones, M.S.

Digital Forensics Investigator

Tyler L. Jones is an expert in Digital Forensics, Threat Intelligence, Information Security, and Cybercrime. In the academic realm, Tyler focused his research on Intelligence-based Incident Response and Advanced Persistent Threats. He is a strategic thinker, who puts an emphasis on strong attention to detail. His technical skills span from Networking Engineering to Malware Analysis. Tyler has formal training and professional experience in evidence acquisition and preservation, disk image analysis, data carving, memory analysis, and criminal investigations. He has spent the last five years dedicated to further improving the current state of DFIR & Threat Intelligence.

Important Documents & Resources

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Technology Safety & Management for Clinicians

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Internet Safety Planning Worksheet

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Mindfulness Training for Persons who have Committed a Sexual Offense

Additional Documentation & Resources

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Current Trends in Sex Offender Risk Assessment & Treatment PowerPoint Document

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